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3/15 Goodall Memorial Library Presents Irish Legends of the Wee Folk via Zoom

Goodall Memorial Library presents Irish Legends of the Wee Folk on Monday

March 15th, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., via ZOOM.

Son of Erin, Terry Lynch shares folktales from the Emerald Isle that bring to life the traditions of fairies, banshees, and leprechauns. A brief telling of the life of St. Patrick will be included as well. The program is geared for adults and children ages 7 and up.

Nationally known actor, Terry Lynch, specializes in historical portrayal to meet the needs of the young at heart who are never too old to learn something new about history's most interesting, inspirational figures. His one man interactive presentations give audiences a new, first person perspective on the people and events that make up our history and culture.

Check our website ( or social media closer to the date of the event for the Link, Meeting ID and Passcode.


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