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Governor Mills Continues State of Civil Emergency as Maine Fights COVID-19

On Wednesday, February 17, 2021, Governor Janet Mills extended the State of Civil Emergency (PDF) through Thursday, March 18, 2021. The Governor’s decision to extend the emergency is in line with nearly every other state in the nation which have ongoing emergency declarations, according to the National Governors Association. For example, the Governor of Vermont extended Vermont’s State of Emergency on Monday.

“Maine continues to see improved public health metrics as we turn the corner on recent surges. It’s important still, as we confront a variant of the virus and as we work around the clock to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible, that Maine people continue to be careful,” said Governor Mills. “I urge all Maine people to take the steps we know that keep everybody safe — wear your mask, wash your hands, watch your distance and avoid gatherings. These things will keep us all safe during the pandemic and give us a better shot of getting back to normal sooner.”

A State of Civil Emergency allows Maine to deploy all available tools to respond to and contain COVID-19. This is Governor Mills’ twelfth extension of the State of Civil Emergency. Under Maine law, Proclamations of Civil Emergencies may be issued in thirty-day increments.


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