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Josh Hrehovcik talks about stuff

December 13, 2020

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The Retro Roadtripper - To mildly go where lots of people have gone before...

Josh Hrehovcik talks about stuff
Josh Hrehovcik talks about stuff
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Joshua Hrehovcik, photographer and writer, likes to take long rides and lots of photographs. He is currently in a contest to get more Instagram followers than his brother – and is losing. Badly. You can help Josh by following him on Instagram @retroroadtripper65.

Take a colorful journey to some of the most wonderful places on the coast of the great state of Maine through the eyes of photographer Joshua Hrehovcik, The Retro Roadtripper. Part travel guide, part photo album, “Retro Roadtrip: Maine” visits some of the best-known vacation spots in the Pine Tree State as well as uncovers hidden gems.

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